Review: James Heeley Vetiver Véritas — 3.0 points

Vetiver Véritas (Heeley, 2014) may be spelling out ‘V-E-T-I-V-E-R’ true to its name, but it does not attempt anything beyond the boundaries of a nice vetiver. I like it, but I cannot find much to be excited in the composition, except for its very good vetiver material and a cool minty contrast.


The minty opening gives a cool sensation that has an interesting promise. Then, Haitian vetiver comes forth with all of its beautiful and ugly hues. It showcases the raw facets of vetiver: woody, earthy, nutty roots with a sharp note reminiscent of the bitterness of grapefruit.

I find that its vetiver is certainly good, but in comparing Vetiver Véritas with other counterparts, it feels somewhat lacking. It lacks the depth of orchestration of Vétiver from Guerlain (1959). Neither does it possess the polish of the monolithic inky roots of Encre Noir (Lalique, 2006). And, even if its grapefruit facet in the dry down is somewhat reminiscent of Sel de Vétiver (The Different Company, 2006), Vetiver Véritas is never quite as daring because it does not aspire to more than a few embellishments.

I have lamented sometimes that it could have gone with more than a tweak in the minty top. I might just as well mix mint oil and vetiver oil. Nevertheless, I think this is quality material, and vetiver fiends will be pleased with both its cool sensation in the opening and the rich nuances of its vetiver.



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