Review: Terre d’Hermès (Eau de Toilette) — 4.0 points

Jean-Claude Ellena observed a landscape during his trip to Ireland. Across from where he stayed, he saw the land, its meadow, and its wood sticks. ‘Someone must have been there and taken possession of it,’ he thought to himself, ‘that is why the landscape has been changed’. Armed with the concept of ‘terre’ that Hermès had issued earlier that year, he reflected on the astute observation and set about telling the story of earth and humanity. Eight months of industry and with thirty ingredients, a frank interplay between orange and dry woods was conceived as Terre d’Hermès (2006).


At first, it sparkles with citrusy effervescence of orange. Its brightness is complemented by those of aromatic green herbs and pink pepper. The bright mix of sweet orange and peppery herbs find perfect harmony classically with woods.

Therefore, these would dominate the dry down of Terre d’Hermès along with the citrus tang. They are marked by a cedary warmth, a vetiver note, and a sliver of woody-mossy resin. The combination is marked by unusual transparency and has a mineral dryness reminiscent of chalk dusts and flints. I find this part most intriguing as it allows the orange to shine even until the dry down.

Overall, it is fresh and earthy. Its simple character reflects the thought of life on a piece of land. It has a clear-cut, strong character coupled with great longevity and a gorgeous sillage of dry orange and mossy woods. It has all the qualities of a very good composition.



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