I want to be able to create a scent that captures and translates an idea, be it in fine fragrances or household staples like Duck toilet cleaner. As a twenty-something plunging into this journey, that is my dream. I find the creative process most interesting and enjoyable, regardless of the medium in which it manifests.

In this quest, I engage all my senses to learn to draw inspirations from around me. I want to reflect on my sensory experiences, to find out why I enjoy or dislike them. To do that, I unleash my curiosity and keep an open mind. I ask questions. Why is sandalwood so calming and comforting to me? Is it because sandalwood is milky, creamy, close-to-skin and seen as a constant presence? How do we know from its smell that the jasmine is in bloom or wilting? Is it inky and redolent, or bruised and muted? Why does fleur de sel go so well with caramel? Does the saltiness balance the richness? Such active examination is my way to open new doors to discovery.

In short, I de-construct in order to learn to construct.

This journal, thus, chronicles the attempt to make sense of my experiences. I write about my perception of things and what I have come to know about them. And, I also want to know what you have discovered in your unique lives, so, if you will, do share your thoughts with me!


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