Points: 1.0 to 5.0

I rate items with the following system, but specific opinions are detailed in my review. My rating is based purely on the perfume itself, and not on brand image, packaging, colour, price, or perfumer. I smell, think, and only then, come to the decision. The bottom line is as the old saying goes: to each his own is beautiful.

1.0 — poor.

1.5 — still poor, but there is something to see in this item if one looks hard.

2.0 — disappointing.

2.5 — disappointing, but possesses certain redeeming qualities.

3.0 — acceptable or satisfactory.

3.5 — satisfactory, and possesses certain interesting qualities.

4.0 — interesting and a good starting point.

4.5 — excellent; goes beyond expectations; outstanding.

5.0 — a personal classic.